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The Wizard box series

Project: The Wizard box series
Type: New product
Price: £POA

The box is made of pine with additional features that captures the themes of the character made from a hardwood called Iroko.

This is another Wizard Box in the series. This design features the usual items such as the wand and spectacles, but this design also features the 4 houses at Hogwarts.

The Wizard box again shows the wand as a standard feature. This time I have not featured the spectacles on top of the box, but as a feature on the front as a cartoon like feature of the Wizard. The golden `Snitch` is featured and the `Quill` features on the opposite side

This Wizard box is designed to store memorabilia and trinkets of the Wizard. The box is made from pine, but the additional decorative items are made from a hardwood called Iroko. This my most challenging Wizard Box to date. The spilt ink bottle and quill, broom, spider and cat have all been crafted by hand.

This Wizard Box was requested by a friend of long standing. It is for a birthday for a family member. This box is personalised and comes with an additional wand which features on the inside of the lid. As usual, the box is made from pine and the embellishments are hand crafted from Iroko.

This latest creation of the wizard box is the 6th in the series. Every box is a different design all based on this wizard theme. As usual, Pine wood and Iroko is the wood of my choice. The book is the `Wizard book of Magic`, which is also created out of Iroko, but has painted sides for effect.

This box in the `Wizard` series of themed boxes concentrates on the witches spell book. This example features `The Love Potions for Beginners`. The book is made from hard wood (Iroko) as usual and then made to look authentic. The usual features are the wand and spectacles.

Natalie’s Wizard Box with the Harry Potter theme

Sitting in Sainsbury’s car, I receive a phone from a young lady who would like a Wizard box for her daughter’s birthday. She was quite specific about the design requirements with the usual embellishments of the `Spectacles and wand`. The usual materials were used in this latest edition. The Harry Potter house badges were part of that specification with Gryffindor featuring on the front.

The Wedding / Wizard Box

This Wedding / Wizard Box was designed by the client and was to be presented on the wedding day to the wedded couple, very enthusiastic ` Harry Potter` fans. That inspired this idea to present to them this unusual wedding gift.

The small 'Wizard Box'

This small `Wizard Box` has only one embellishment on the front the box. This is a good way to reduce the cost of what you would like to pay for the box. The usual embellishments will serve as part of the basic design, which always be part of the `Wizard` box specification and they are the spectacles and the wand which feature on top of the box.

Small size Wizard box with a Harry Potter theme

This example shows the size difference between the small box and a regular size box.
The reduced size Wizard box allows people to enjoy the novelty of owning their own Harry Potter themed box at a reduced price and it also benefits those who struggle with a lack of space and room for storage. All the embellishments are identically crafted using the same material as the regular boxes.

The 'Wizard’s Gold' money box

This creation is a mid-sized box that has an added feature that allows you to lock the box. As it is a money box, I felt this was a welcome addition. The lock is a half mortise lock and key.

Wizard box donated for charity

This box (the smaller one of the 2 pictured) was made to donate to charity. The cause is for the `The special unit for premature births`. This little box is feature against one of the standard size boxes that I have produced.

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