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Wood working planes

General Benching Working Planes

The Jack Plane

The Jack Plane is the plane you would probably use initially when selecting a rough piece of timber that requires smoothing. It is generally the first plane used on rough stock.

The Smoothing Plane

This plane is generally the last plane that would be used to finish off a piece of wood or work. This plane would allow you to achieve a finish that would equal or surpass any sand paper usage.

It is good practise to lay the plane on its side when it is not being used.

When finished with the plane it is good practise to retract the blade so that it is not protruding beyond its sole plate.

This can be done by turning the adjustment wheel anti clockwise to retract the blade.

Do not attempt to remove too much material at one time. This can be controlled by using the adjustment screw. Turning the screw clockwise will extend the blade and will allow you to remove a greater amount of material. To remove less, you simply turn the screw anti-clockwise.

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