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Got a piece of furniture that’s broken? Get in touch or bring it along and discuss how it can be rescued. We can discuss Terms and Conditions. All work and a price are agreed in advance.

Recycling / Upcycling


Recycling is a process where materials can be taken from a product and be able to use it for something else. For example, an old pallet used for stacking other materials, can be recycled into basic garden furniture. A plant pot holder would be a good example in this case.


Upcycling is a process which allows you to take a product that is no longer useful for its owner who then discards it. I would then take that product and produce another product from its material. The images show a 3 drawer bedside cabinet which was found in a skip ready for the landfill. I asked permission to use that piece of furniture and made a living cabinet. In this case I used 2 of the drawers to make a door with an acrylic window as a feature. Adding colour to the piece offers more interest.

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New product builds

Generally, the only new product that is planned at this time is the making of `Coffee tables`. This new product will be on show on the website gallery.

The tables will be based on a pattern that can be configured into several different design tables. These will consist of model 1, model 2, model 3 etc. There will be about 5 different configurations. These tables can be manufactured in the styles identified on the website. The choices of styles will be featured in the gallery. There will be 3 different choices of styles and they are `Memphis`, `Pop Art` and `High Tech Mat Black`. These are design styles which do exist in design history. They don’t always apply to furniture, but can do if chosen.

The other consideration is what material is to be used in its manufacture. The intention is to use poplar plywood, pine softwood or oak hardwood. Other materials can be specified by agreement with the client.

By agreement other materials can be considered, such as Acrylic. This depends on the client’s preference. For example the Memphis style can use a variety of materials such acrylic which offers a different aesthetic and finish. Pop Art also uses a series of vibrant primary colours to its designs and some plastics can be used to highlight those vibrant colour variations.

So for example from that information, a potential client could request a coffee table by email or social media in the configuration of model 2, in the style of Memphis using Plywood and Acrylic.

The client would then come in and agree a particular specification, time and date of completion. The price will be a fixed price featured in the gallery on the website. The client would collect on an agreed date. A guarantee would be given for the work carried out.

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If you have an old, worn or damaged piece of furniture, then we may be able to repair and allow it to be returned to its original condition. If not, we may also be able to upcycle to create something new and unique from it!

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