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Jenner's top tips

Marking out equipment

  1. Try square is used to mark lines at 90 degrees on wood
  2. Engineers square is used to mark lines at 90 degrees usually on metal
  3. Mitre square is used to mark lines at 45 degrees on wood
  4. Combination square is used to mark lines at 90 or 45 degrees on any flat material
  5. Marking gauge used to scribe parallel lines on wood usually when marking out a joint
  6. Mortise gauge used to scribe a double parallel line on wood when marking out a joint
  7. Marking knife used to make a line that is to be cut. This method reduces tear out
  8. Steel rule is used to measure. The rule measures from absolute zero.

Image Description
Always make sure that the stock of the marking gauge is tight against the material before scribing the material.
Image Description
As with all types of squares as described above, you have to make sure the stock of the try square as in this case, is always tight against the material. If you do not do this, the marking will be inaccurate.

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