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Paul's story

When I was 10 years old my father died of cancer. My Mother struggled bringing up 3 young children, working in 3 jobs at different hours of the day. Money was in short supply. When things broke in the house, I fixed them. As time passed by I became good at fixing, repairing and up-cycling furniture. My passion was born.

When I started work as an apprentice wood machinist and carpenter, I was able to perfect my skills and have continued to do so all of my life. I am passionate about keeping furniture products alive.

I have turned my skills into teaching now and I have been in teaching for nearly 20 years. I have taught Product Design to students and I’m still excited about the opportunity to breath new life into a piece of furniture that was destined for the land fill site.

If that can be achieved, then that is good for everybody. This will reduce the need to cut trees down. This will provide a greater respect and understanding of the World and its climate.

The video helps you understand where my interest in recycling began. My teens, a difficult time in my life started an interest in making furniture last a little longer than it might have done. That interest is still with me to this day……and so the story starts…..

Paul Jenner
Furniture recycler/up-cycler/repairer & Furniture designer

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