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I am always looking to offer a service to repair furniture. This allows continuity to exist with a piece of furniture that might be part of a set or a treasured one-off piece.

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Recycling furniture is a wonderful way to keep the landfill as empty as we can. It also reduces the need or desire to cut trees down to provide furniture that already exists in different forms.

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New product

To be able to build new products in the furniture industry is exciting. It allows the natural progression of new ideas which stimulates the need for change, which then allows for new products.

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My ultimate aim is to recycle, up-cycle or repair furniture to assist in the reduction of landfill.

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Do you have any old, worn or broken furniture that is destined for the scrap heap? Think again! I have managed to salvage and restore many old pieces of furniture and given them a new lease of life for many more years to come. Check out some of our recent projects to see the furniture that has been restored, and maybe give you some inspiration on what could be done with some of your own furniture?!

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If you have an old, worn or damaged piece of furniture, then we may be able to repair and allow it to be returned to its original condition. If not, we may also be able to upcycle to create something new and unique from it!

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