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A pair of cabinets

Project: Matching bedroom cabinets
Type: Reclamation & Upcycling
Approximate cost to complete: £xx

These bedroom cabinets were in a skip outside a neighbour’s house. They were being thrown away because they weren’t particularly good quality in terms of their build. The drawers were not soft sliding and the knobs constantly kept being pulled off as a result.

I had permission to remove the two pieces of furniture. An opportunity to up-cycle presented itself. I had decided to change the use of these cabinets and allow them to be used in my living room.

The process was time consuming. The two drawer faces were removed from each of the cabinets. I was able to use the material and create doors for each cabinet. I used acrylic as a safe see-through option to give some character to the two pieces of furniture.

As you can see I have used a two tone effect on both cabinets that reflects the colour scheme used in our living room. I have sanded down the wood work to remove the varnish. This gives a key for the paint process. I used a primer, undercoat and two coats of chalky paint for the finished effect.

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